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Great Performances: Holiday Inn

Friday, Nov 24 9:00pm

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Christmas with Daniel O'Donnell
Monday, Nov 27 8:00pm Daniel O’Donnell brings the spirit of the holiday season to life in this yuletide special.
Vietnam: Another View
Tuesday, Nov 28 8:00pm A look at the Vietnamese who immigrated to Western Pennsylvania after the fall of Saigon.
NOVA: Memory Hackers
Wednesday, Nov 29 11:30pm Using cutting-edge research, neuroscientists are exploring the precise molecular mechanisms of memory.
Broken: Women - Families - Opioids
Thursday, Nov 30 8:00pm We explore how opioid addiction among women is breaking the family bond and changing the fabric of society.


Changing Pittsburgh Changing Lives

The Pittsburgh Symphony celebrates 10 years of Manfred Honeck as Music Director. Learn More.

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